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    Buying real estate can be very intimidating and overwhelming and without the proper guidance can easily turn into a nightmare. A Real Estate Attorney not only protects your legal rights, but also provides you guidance throughout the transaction.



    From the first conversation you have with me you will understand what your transaction will be like.



    Always available for any type of question. You can always call or contact us right through our website.



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    Always In The Loop

    At no point throughout the Real Estate transaction will you be unaware of the status of your purchase or sale.

    I was in the mortgage industry!

    Prior to starting my career in law, I was in the mortgage industry. I began working as a loan office then later decided I loved the back-office work and became a processor. I finally worked my way into being an underwriter. Hiring me and my vast knowledge of the mortgage industry will help you as my client to understands the different steps of getting a mortgage.

    Real Estate Experience

    A real estate transaction includes realtors, inspectors, appraisers, and banks who each have a different role during the real estate transaction. Due to my real estate experience I am able to explain the entire transaction from beginning to end.
    I am also able to express concerns and things to watch out for in regards to a mortgage, title, appraisal, and even inspection reports. Hiring me will allow you to understand the different aspects of this transaction because it is not just selling or buying a home.

    More About Sura Sakran

    My career in real estate began more than fifteen years ago.  I began my career as a loan officer in a mortgage company. Upon the realization of my love for contracts I moved on to become a processor. Becoming an underwriter was my final position before I decided to take time out of my career to raise my children.

    What My Clients Are Saying

    As always, we look to trusted friends and family for recommendations regarding professional services that are needed from time to time. One such occasion, which is everyone’s dream, is buying a new home.  As the process would demand, I found myself in need of legal services. A good friend told us about The Law Office of Sura Sakran, P.C. More specifically Sura Sakran, Esq. was recommended to assist me through the acquisition of my new home. She was amazing! The process is very detailed and often time daunting to most people. Sura’s 8 years of experience in the mortgage industry and now as a real estate attorney proved to be the exact mix of professional expertise and experience I needed. Sura’s expert advise, industry contacts, real estate knowledge and leadership enabled me to travel a comfortable, informative and secure path en-route to a very successful closing. Many thanks Sura!
    -V. George (Feb 2018)